HEART: Ministered to and through ... Under Reconstruction 11/4/18
Each poem in the collection is different not monotone. As I encountered various experiences throughout my walk with the Lord, my emotions were genuinely expressed through each poem. When I write, "Tears drop from my eyes," 8. TEARS FROM YOUR SOUL they were literally falling as the words were written. The order of the poems enables readers to see my mindset as my understanding and faith in Jesus Christ grew. In My Heart is a poetic documentary of my personal walk with the Lord:
trials, tribulations, triumphs, and feelings expressed to me by our brother's and sister's in Christ. I believe In My Heart is a testimony of God's love for everyone who loves Him through His son, our personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, AMEN. In the beginning of the collection, I prayed each poem would be a blessing to everyone who reads and or hears them. I pray In My Heart testifies Jesus is God's love, the reality of life, as God's Holy Spirit opens readers hearts to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, AMEN. God gives His children personalized gifts for the edifi-
cation of the body of Christ. Throughout the composition of In My Heart, the Holy Spirit has used the poems to minister to and through me. Over the years, several brother's and sister's in Christ expressed the ability to relate the poems to their personal walk with the Lord. personally relate the poems to their walk with our Lord. I believe the In My Heartcollection will enable the body of Christ to see we've been walking together in this spiritual war; encouraging one another to live in God's will through His son, our personal Lord & Savior, Christ Jesus, AMEN.
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