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Come to Me, where the birds fly free, where there is no one but you and Me. Come to Me, under My wings is where you need to be. Come to Me, let Me teach you how to fly in a sky that seems so high. Come to Me, so you can see life is all about Me. I know you are shy, I am the only one who can wipe your tears when you cry. Come to Me, I will take away all of your fears; you will see your dreams are so near. Come to Me, I hear your heart, I am the one who made it beat from the start. Come to Me, I am calling you to fulfill My will, and you will. Give Me your love, and you will soar like a dove. Open your heart to Me, and you will truly be happy and free through Me. You know My love is true, now it's up to you, come to Me.
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10 VICTORY 2017