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I think of many things: what Jesus Christ wants me to do, the man Jesus wants to be. Dear Lord, I was on Your narrow path; I
love You Jesus, I know You love me. I'm not trying hard enough, am I? I know what You want me to do, or do I? I can be rewarded by You, or I can punish myself by the choices that I make. It's time to stop doing what I want to do, and start doing the things You want me to do dear Lord. I know you're watching me right now. You know my every thought before it becomes a thought in my mind. If You were not so forgiving, would I even take the chance of disobeying You? I must stop taking advantage of Your love! My love must be pure, just as Your love for me is pure. There is no one around me; I'm not trying to impress man. I'm only typing the thoughts that are on my mind, expressing the emotions that are in my heart. I must stop saying what I should do, and do it! I want to be a better child of You my Lord. Dear Lord, You have kept me from dying at times I can recall, and times I can not recall; Dear Lord, You have loved me when I truly did not know how to love You. Now I know how to love You, and still I choose to do what I want to do. Dear Lord please help me! I know You have given me Your ultimate power, Your Holy Spirit. There are no excuses! I must diligently seek Your will Dear Lord (1 Corinthians 10:31), have faith in You; listen to You allowing You to guide me everyday. First, I must show my love to You through my OBEDIENCE (John 14:15). I always said, "I will not ask You for forgiveness before I sin." I have done just that. An obedient child does not continue doing the things he knows his Father does not want him to do. I must realize Your forgiving love, and Your glorious grace are not given to us to be taken advantage of. I know You have the power to take me off of Your earth. Do I have to stay to myself; dear Lord, what about the people I knew before I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior? Dear Lord, I must always remember no one comes before You in my life, if he or she chooses to come or do without You,
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