I wrote this essay / poem in dedication to
the horrific events of September 11, 2001.
"Eyes See As Hearts Open" was composed
within days of this historical event.

Giving all Glory to God...
America open your eyes and realize the true despise is coming from inside of a nation that openly gives into the temptations of the world. America, open your eyes and look into your hearts. The heart is the place where love truly starts. Don�t just change for the moment because evil has caused a horrific commotion. God wants us to look at life the way it truly is. All of the tears, unnecessary fears of things that can�t be controlled with the same control that put our nation behind a blindfold. Get an understanding of the truth that created you. Wisdom is trying to guide you through lies that eyes see, minds choose, as we continue to abuse the gifts that have been given to you and me. As a nation we must truly seek God, not just when times seem hard, become hard, only to be
softened by the love God has put in our hearts. September 11th was a wake up tear, mixed with fear, as America cried for God to hold us in His arms and keep us away from harm. America open your eyes and realize the true despise is coming from inside of a nation that openly gives into the temptations of the world. Trials will always be around; tests are made to take. Whether pass or fail, God will always be reaching for His chosen children. Calling on those who are willing to listen to His truth concerning you and me. Change comes eventually. As a nation we must comprehend the true meaning of the words: friend, love, and unity; having a true understanding of hearts opening up as anointed mouths sing with new meaning. Mentally visioning a true love that flies so high the sky can't see it. Making some men mad because they can't comprehend the truth that's
in front of you and me. Hold on America; hold on to the old truths for the new truths evolve just as the world turns in a loop that takes more than natural knowledge to jump through. At times it seems hard to read the lines when there're so many between in our minds. America, now we see what can happen to you or me. Don't hold grudges that fade away until they're brought back to mind. The road is wide, but the true path is a straight line. Our Creator holds the key to a greater later. Every word of this essay/poem was given to me through our Heavenly Father. Given to me through my personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. America we must love our neighbors as we love ourselves; then and only then will America and the world truly shine. To all of the people that were affected by the hurt the events of September 11th caused, I love you all and my prayers will be with you and your families for eternity. One religion is not the vision.
One true faith in Jesus Christ before
it's too late is!