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Heart Expressed Poetically
  • When the soul is
    touched, the spirit
    is renewed
Giving all Glory to God, Christ Jesus has given me a gift to write poetically onto Him, through His Holy Spirit. I've been writing and reciting Inspirational Christian poetry for 16yrs. plus and gospel songs for 11yrs. Jesus blessed me to copyright a manuscript of 148 poems at the Library of Congress. I titled the collection, In My Heart. At 19yrs., I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I'm currently 40yrs. Throughout my walk with the Lord, I've gone from seeking Jesus' will for my life
through Him, back to doing what I wanted to do carnally 1. I THINK OF MANY THINGS. Ive written poems confessing I was choosing to live in sin 2. I KNOW YOU'RE WATCHING, BUT, asking Christ Jesus not to take His grace from me 3. BLOOD LOVE. Gradually, I began to realize every time I went back to my old ways of living, my countenance and consequences for my sins got worse. Christ Jesus gave me the revelation that I was close to death and if I didn't serve Him with all of my heart, evil would overtake me 4. LIFE . There were periods of time when I refused to read poems I wrote in earlier days of praise 5. MY CRY OUT
I knew Christ Jesus' Holy Spirit would use the poems to convict me of the sin I was living in 6. OUR BODY . At other times reading the poems encouraged me to focus on Jesus will for my life 7. SIN NO MORE . Giving all glory to God, Jesus walks us in the victory our Heavenly Father has given us by His glorious grace. Instead of doing what Satan tempts us to do, we choose to do what Christ Jesus wills by His Holy Spirit dwelling in His holy place, by His glorious grace, AMEN. The In My Heart collection is for God's chosen children that accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and those who will accept Him as their Lord.
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