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You make me feel like a priceless marble
pillar in a palace that's only been seen by you. A piece of matter that only matters when you think of its beauty. If the pillar could feel it would understand its value and accept the loneliness. You are the love I can't pull out of my dreams, the opposite of seem, my want to be reality! Reality, when will it make me happy? Will love ever be awakened again? Can a bird sing without a melody? Why must lonely be in my heart's capillaries? You make me feel like an endangered species being viewed from behind a plastic fortress. The cutest mammal in the world, quarantined! A homeless man that reminds himself of what he used to be. The artist that dies before the woman he loved cries through the same eyes, she once cried through. You make me feel like,
an unapproachable love.
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47 VICTORY 2017