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"I cried for you before I died for you." Dear Lord, Please don't cry for me. "I have lived to see what your love truly means to Me." "I love you, can't you see, I died for you." Dear Lord, the world won't leave me be, it's where I have to be until You're ready for me. "Please don't cry, 'Smile,' remember I died for you." Dear Lord, I want to be free: test me, fail me, pass me, please don't leave me! Feelings and emotions combine into a commotion caused by the me that mingles among worldly bees, not truly me. Please dear Lord, don't cry for me. Please take me where I can truly be free from passing and failing. I'm yelling for You to grab hold of me! Please take me when Your will is fulfilled. Jesus, please open my eyes now while my soul is swollen with Your love, exploding from the overload of me, AMEN.
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